Save The Last Chance For Me

Today was CHO 15 : Chap Goh Meh! It signifies the end of the 2010 CNY. :(

I woke up early in the morning looking at my Daily Schedule. Wow! It was a busy event-packed day. Not much time to touch my PE textbook. Gotta hurry up and get ready to challenge the day with craziness.

12.00 am : Lou Sang with KK and sis
13.30 pm : Bai Nian @ KK's house
17.00 pm : Visit aunt's house
18.00 pm : Photo-shooting event
19:00 : Steamboat at BBQ Plaze

Lou Sang at Sakae Sushi.
I still feels that Sushi King's Lou Sang is nicer!

Sis told me that today happens to be Chinese Valentine's Day! What a coincidence? Western Valentine's day falls on the 1st day of CNY, and the Chinese fall on the last day of CNY! I wonder how many years we need to wait for both Big Day falling on the same date and day~~

Visiting KK's house was SO SO! This fellow doesn't allow us to go into his room. Duno what the hell he hiding back the door? Mermaid ar? Have a great time PS-ing @ his house and became a monkey when I saw the garden near his house. LOL!

Monkey Act 1
Monkey Act 2
Monkey launched up to the moon! (U'll be missed)
Monkey PS-ing (Tom & Jerry)
BBQ Plaza Steamboat wasn't nice at all!
Photo-shooting event was fun. I got some new ideas on taking photos. I'll do it again next time as the time today wasn't sufficient. Searching for more beautiful places to take photo and learning how to take touching photos. Anyhow, when I went home, I thought of an idea of taking a picture. See below:
Remember this BIG EYE + LONG TAIL cutie? Yeap yeap! It's Miaow Mii! I was so freak-out when I took this picture. Afraid that my Miaow Mii jumps from 16th floor. It signifies lots of things. Miaow Mii waiting for his owner to come back? Miaow Mii hoping for something to happen? Miaow Mii wants to jump? I donno! =.= Cough Cough! Time for medicine~~

~ Happy Chinese Valentine's Day! ~

Save the last dance chance for me!
~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

True Legend "蘇乞兒" Movie Review

8 movie was released on February 11th. 4 down, and 4 more to go. This movie "蘇乞兒" was about action and those Chinese Kung Fu flying from tree to trees ~~ Huat arrr. Although it wasn't my first choice when I walked into the cinema, I prefer some stupid funny CNY movies though. Anyhow, I give it a try since Jay's fans told me that it was nice. Concluding that, this movie was not bad after all. Giving it a [4/5] :p

Synopsis: A Jeneral (Su Chan) from the army was promoted to hold the position of Gabenor but he given out his ambition in order to live happily with his wife and children. He promoted this position to his wife's brother. Although he was out of the troop, he did practice his martial arts though. 5 years passed, and his wife's brother went back to visit him and revenged on his father's death while kidnapped Su Chan's son. Su Chan trained very hard in the forest with the God (Jay) in the forest and he gets the status of "蘇乞兒".

Release Date: 11 February 2010
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Action, Adventure
Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes
Director: WoPing Yuen
Cast: Jay Chou, Michelle Yeoh, Andy On, Cung Le, David Carradine, Vincent Chiu, Zhou Xun

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

I Grew Up

Hey buddies, thanks for all the encouraging words that you guy presents me. Remember that I've a snappy mood in the previous post? Saying that I still missed all those days, sounded regretful, wishing for a time machine, memories are still flying here n there and all those shitzzz.

The broken heart of mine is now recovering. There:- See the pic, full of stitches and plasters. Thank you very much for guiding me through! All those sleepless nights will end soon, all those moody face of mine shall change soon. Let's face the journey of life in a different perspective. You'll never know seeing things in a different way might ends up with something special.

Wut I'll do now is to focus all my attention in making this FYP done in the proposed time. And then finish up this last 8 subjects properly without failing any. Take more nice photos. My 2nd job, a photographer. Girls? Depends on Him. Still lots to learn from ~~ Time flies ~~

a.k.a ICEMAN

2010 Chinese Horoscope

Recall my previous post which I said that I do not believe in all those Chinese Feng Shui things? Ehem:- Think twice. It was kinda accurate. Wow. Am I serious? I believe in all those 38 things? It was kinda true for my case. Dear all my Dragonicazzz please pay attention to it. Contact Joey Yap or Lilian Too for help! LOL

Ex 1: 2008 Feng Shui master on TV said that I was going to met some accidents throughout the year. It was damn true when the shuttle bus I took crashed with another car twice. Not enough prove? Here comes another one, I crashed with another car when I was on a plan for shopping.

Ex 2: 2008 Feng Shui SI FU oso said that I was having a blossom romance year. It's true when I started this relationship with her on February. Lovely~

Ex 3: 2009 Feng Shui said that my romance of the year was on the tip of the mountain. A blow from the wind ends it all. Has to pray for God to save the relationship. And I did not even give a damn on it. Until the day I broke up with her in last July. Coincidence? I don't think so...

Ex 4: 2010 said that I was having the busiest year ahead of me. Yes, I'm undergoing my FYP under two biggest guy in the University. Full of stress, deadlines and expectations from both of my respected ones.

Ex5: 2010 was not a really good year in health for the dragons. I coughed more than one month. And my nose ran away from me since a long time ago. Ah Chiu~~~ (Come back wherever you are)

Ex6 : Dragons are having some rocky situations in term of romance. This one wasn't really proven yet. I'm still waiting for my miracle to show up in front of me. So far, no target yet. @.@

Believe it or not? We'll see how thing goes...

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Valentine's Day Movie Review

Valentine's Day was a movie meant to be watched by couples perhaps. I'm not in a relationship. Friends asked me not to go for the movie as it might recall my sad memory. But I raised up my guts to give it a go. Have a look at how things will look like. This movie was PG13! LOL. Bring along your parents if you're underage. Lots of kissing, hugging, doing naughty things, holding hands, dancing, and even some related sex scene in this movie. WTF? It really reminds me of the old time! Shitz, fcuk. Should have listened to my friend's advice. A [3/5] from me. =.=

Synopsis: Couples in Las Vegas are having some relationship trouble among themselves. Some are having a 3rd party involvement, some are not committed into a relationship, some are gay, some hates Valentine's Day and even some couple who planned for their 1st sex. Some broke up with their partner and gets a new partner immediately. Wasn't that amazing? WTF??~~

Release Date: 11 February 2010
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 2 hour 5 minutes
Director: Garry Marshall
Cast: Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, Jessica Elba, Emma Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Queen Latifah.

~ a.k.a. ICEMAN ~

Happy Birthday

Grim wants to wish her Happy Birthday! Think for the whole night on what to tell her, what to text her, what to wish her. In the end a short message was my last decision.

"Happy Birthday"

She adore the colour of green:-

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Be my Valentine 2010

Anyone of you remembers this ring? Yeap, it's mine! It has followed me for a year and a half! Bringing me lots of sweetness and bitterness. However, it ended up buried inside the box placed in my closet since last summer. All the memories are still fresh in my mind. It happened as this was the journey that HE (God) wants us to be. I obeyed!

Six months. A total of six months. Grew up was what I benefited along this six months. I might have looked different now, I might act different now, I might think differently now, but there is one thing I did not change. I'm still having the same old cardiac. Although being sexier day by day. XD

Twenty-ten valentine was a special one as it crashes with the Chinese New Year! Peoples questioned me how do I celebrate it this year? What plan do I hv as I'm the so called "Master in Strategy Planning"? What crazy little plan are you on this year? I answered: Nothing special... I'm still in the process of learning to be a good BF for my partner.

Well, that was my Valentine's + CNY.

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

72 Tenants of Prosperity Movie Review

During this CNY, I got nothing to do and was bout to die of boringness. Luckily, I'm able to get a tix for this movie. A very funny yet gorgeous CNY movie presented by a number of 180 actors and actress from Hong Kong. With all those XXXX words and stupid actions, it makes me laugh like a child who gets a candy. Put some sugar on your eyelids for makeup. How bout some belacan oil for the lip? A [3.8/5] from me. Nice one though:-

Synopsis: Two young men tosses a coin and decides who the pretty lady should marry to. Both of mens are fighting over each other in competing in the cell-phone market in one of the busiest street in HK! Due to the raise of rental fee, they stand together and fight for their rights. Until the child kidnaps the lady and wanted to destroy the whole street for a revenge of her parents.

Release Date:
11 February 2010
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Director: Eric Tsang
Cast: Eric Tsang, Jacky Cheung, Anita Yuen, Bosco Wong, Stepfy Tang, Linda Chung, Wong Cho Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Lam Ka Tung.

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Italian CNY Reunion Day

It was a so called "Italian CNY Reunion Day"! The "Owayz 3 ppl gang" was celebrating it at 1-YOU! I was wearing an old oufit (Glow in d dark T-Shirt + Beach pants + SLR sling bag) where this two star wore until so YENG! Going to competition or smtg??? Clara even wore a duno how many INCHES high heel shoe!

Clara mumbled: "Why u dun take our pic oh???"
Grim (Me) screamed: Here? So many ppl?
JS + Clara eyes become >>> =.=
Went for a movie (Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief) and semi-lunched at Italianies!

3 of us were wavering while walking! JS touched Clara's EHEM! And I accidently knocked on her too! That was wut happen to our heads! I lost my head ~~

Clara complained: This shoe was not good for walking in 1-YOU!

Grim (Me): Den, good for walking at rocky or muddy area?

JS: Let's go buy a new shoe for ya!

Grim (Me): Ended up pulling them here n there to hunt for shoe!

Ta dah! Clara's new bling bling shoe! I was damn glad as I became taller than her once more! Haha!

Grim (Me): Bought a pack of MISO soup at Zanmai Sushi!

JS: Going home with a TAMIYA motor...

Clara: Swayed all her moneys and bring home a pair of new shoe, shrinking plastic & dryer!

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief Movie Review

Give me a reason for not rating this movie the BEAST BEST! It's so hard nowadays to find a great movie. Argh~ Finally watched a movie which favors me. Based on the best selling novels, this movie was packed with comedies, actions, fantasies, adventures, love stories... I swear to God that this will be on top of my 2010 best movie block-busters. Rated it [4.5/5] Amazing~

Synopsis: Zeus's lightning bolt was believed to be stolen by Poseidon's son - Percy Jackson. If this bolt wasn't returned to Zeus hand, a war will begun and it will tear the earth into pieces. In order to clean his name and to save his mother, this boy and his two other friends fought against all creatures sent by the God to kill him and walked through a harsh journey to investigate the true thief and return it. Only to found out that he was betrayed by the camp leader Luke (The thief). Get yourself a ticket and find out more about this movie...

Release Date: 11 February 2010
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes
Director: Chris Columbus
Cast: Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan, Rosario Dawson, Catherine Keener, Kevin McKidd, Joe Pantoliano, Uma Thurman, Ray Winstone.

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Happy Tiger Year 2010

Tak Dong Chiang!

Tak Dong Chinag!
Tak Dong Chiang Chiang Chiang!

Wishing everyone a Happy "Woo Hoo" Year ahead of 2010! It's always good to see malls, houses, and streets being make-uped to give us a more to CNY feel ~ Cool ~ Flinging and splurging moneys on CNY clothes and preparation of it doesn't hurt at all caz it only happens once a year... Agree? I hereby to console everyone not to feel sad if you donated lots of ur wealth or funds to the shopping malls... Caz I, myself donated a big amount too... T.T
Who says CNY do only have Lion Dance Performance? See wut I've got here, a traditional Tiger Dance Performance. It's great that they brought something new this year. Let's hope that I'm lucky enough to catch them jumping up and down the jongs during this CNY!

Worries about your zodiac luckiness towards the tiger year??? Den you should pay more attention to Joey Yap! You could catch him LIVE on MyFm , ASTRO Wah Lai Toi and even buy a book from him if you are so superstitious. I do not really believe on all this shitzzz... So, don't ask me for comments...

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Tiger Woo Hoo Movie Review

2010 is the Woo Hoo year. Oh yeah! I'd finally get a ticket to relaxed in this cinema while watching this tiger show. Fantastic, marvelous, gracious! It has been 3 weeks... 3 long weeks.... I had tried my best to book tickets, purchase tickets, download video but non of them works out. And tonite, it's my nite! I did it. A Malaysian film which earn a total respect of [4/5] from me. Good job! Go get urself a ticket while it's on the cinema.

Synopsis: Woo Hoo, a traditional tiger dance performance every 60 years is about to extinct in one village. But this old man hangs on to his responsibilities and wanted to pass on this tradition to the young ones. Whereby his grand-daughter hired 5 youngsters to help this old man to make his dream come true. For money, this 5 mens are training hard and is finally ready for the show. However, the tiger head was destroyed by some bunches of kids just before the day of performance. Thus, they work together to design a new tiger for the show and became famous from the performance.

Release Date: 14 January 2010
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Director: Chiu Keng Guan
Cast: Jack Lim, Royce Tan

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Japanese Buffet Tenji

Tenji!!! We made it!
Start-up with some appetiza!

Yay! Finally I'm Tenji-ed. It has been the best weekend for me as I did gained a few months of baby (Tummy) and craved for lots of nice goodie foodies throughout the weekend including 3-consecutive sushi days, Dragon-I, Big Fish Head, and Tenji! Oh yeah, I'm on HEAVEN!

No matter how far it is, how hard to reach there, how expensive it is... I've made it to there (Tenji) anyway. 1st glimpse of the Solaris Kl gives me this special feel that I'm in another country. Shouting: Get d hell outta d car, I'm starving!

Romance in the air

Once I get in there, the surrounding of the restaurant didn't disappoints me at all. It was indeed romantic but unfortunately, I went there with peoples older than me. No more romance! Looking at the foods there makes me roar like an elephant, jump like a tiger, and bark like a monkey! Behave please!

The 1st thing I did was to get some cool pics before I start hunting for foods. Scroll down ur little mice to have a peek at those pics... Hunting of foods begun. Our table are full of foods. I was wondering why d hell are we taking so much foods? PIAK (Wacked)! We are here to eat! I almost forgotten that. There were indeed lots of foods but not every single thing there is nice. I've given them a [3.5/5] for them. I would still prefer Jogoya for the next buffet!

Some refreshments after settling down!

Deserts and refreshments!

Sushi's rolling on the bench..

Raw Oysters + Limes + Tobbasco = Delicious

Cooked or raw ?

Pot on ice!

Desserts of the Choc Fountain

Crave for more pics? Click on Galley. Thankx dude...

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

The Tooth Fairy Movie Review

WWE star - The Rock is back with a new comedy movie. The Tooth Fairy is a great comeback for the superstar as this is the first movie to be released at twenty-ten. If "The Game-Plan" suits u, this movie also won't disappoint u! Believing in fairy tales? Let him tell you whether fairies exists in this world. A [3/5] for me.

Synopsis: The rock, also known as the Tooth Fairy once was a very hard charging minor league hockey player. He own this name as he was famous in knocking out other player's teeth during the match owning him the most penalty player in the rink. He never believes in the fairy tale world and discourages the youngster's hope. As he spoke this sentence, the god of fairy tale sentenced him for a labor work as a tooth fairy. The big sized guy tries his very best in accomplishing mission but ends up having nothing in return. Flying with wings, shrinking himself, invisibling himself! Cool!

Release Date: 21 January 2010
Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour 43 minutes
Director: Michael Lembeck
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Stephen Merchant, Julie Andrews, Ryan Sheckler.

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Haunted Universities Movie Review

A blessed Sunday night turned into a scary Sunday night, when this two ghost freak dragged me to watch this movie with them. But thank God, I brought along my new camera bag with me. I found out that this bag is very useful when it comes to the scary part. It will automatically cover my face! Pai-seh! The couple sitting beside me was laughing like hell! =.= A [1/5] from me.

Synopsis: Sorry! There are no available synopsis for this movie as I covered my face most of the time. One thing I know is, the ghosts doesn't look like a ghost. And the movie suddenly makes me so touched when the ghost bought the supper for her house-mate. ~ Dang it ~

Release Date: 21 January 2010
Language: Thai
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Director: Bunjong Sinthanamongkolkul, Sutthiporn Tubtim
Cast: Panward Hemmanee, Anna Reese, Ashiraya Peerapatkunchaya.

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~