Bird Park Lake Garden

It's been the most amazing weekend as Final Exams had juz passed! I'll confirm u guys out there that this 7 day of holidays will the the most exiting one for this yr! Well, day-1 was the loitering and photo shooting session at the "World Largest Net Covered Bird Park" @.@ (world largest??) located at Lake Garden. Joining me was a few betina idiotz!

Listened to an idiot who pointed me to the wrong direction and get lost somewhere around downtown. Despite jammed and lost around KL rushing hour, we made it there! Sigh of relieve. Tickets prices are reasonable for Malaysian but are choppingly expensive for AH-MOH. Rm 15 for Malaysian and RM 42 for AH-MOH! Despite the great price, there are still lotsa AH-MOH wondering around there! Shhh... (I curi curi took a few pixars of the AH-MOHS in there) Cool~~

Once in there, I took out my camera body and attached with a telephoto 70-300G lense! Outta my expectation, this place was totally much nicer than wut's drew in my mind. Oh gosh! I'm loving it... Different kinda birdie are found in there (Juz too much to describes one by one)! But my fav are the hawk, owl, and the parrots.

Making a conclusion that this place is really nice for photographers who don't have a model for them to take pics and it's amazing that those birdie are posing juz like a model! Double thumbs up added with a JOKER smile =)

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Kingston Technology: ValueRAM Server Premier Memory

Kingston Technology again added a stormer to its Memory Products collection. Introducing to you the very first time, the "ValueRAM Server Premier Memory". Sounds cool huh! It functions for the purpose of mission-critical server systems that require max uptime and reliability. Providing good capability and works really well in high-end servers and workstations. Besides that, it alows the IT manager or administrator to search for the memory module needed accordingly promising the system performance and stability.

Kingston is pleased to introduce an addition to our existing ValueRAM server memory, ValueRAM Server Premier Memory, which delivers consistent and reliable performance,” said Ann Bai, DRAM Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston.
For more detail information about the product, please visit:

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Kingston Vogue Contest

Great Hi to all Computer genius' and stunner models' out there! Kingston are giving out free luxury trip tickets bound to California, USA the headquarter of Kingston. Hell yea! Sounds great dude! But but but... with one condition. "To be the spokesperson for Kingston Technology!" Those who has always dreaming to be one of dem! Grab ur chances as the rewards are quite fruitful:-

  • Receive professional modelling course
  • Winner will be featured to Kingston's advertisement
  • Luxury trip to California, USA (Home of Kingston)
  • US$30,000 up for grab
If you think that u've a stunning look, what are u waiting for? Participate and join the contest by submitting the en-tree form @ Here are the terms and conditions applied:-
  • Applicants are required to submit en-tree form May 1st to May 31st
  • Attaching with it are 5 photos of yourself with (1 headshot, 1 half-length shot, 1 full-length shot, and 2 of your choice) The maximum size is 500 KB each
  • A 2-minute video to present your talents and show off your creativity, including “Vote for Me at Kingston Vogue Contest” in the video!
Don't upset if you're not chosen to be the winner. As there are other awards up to grab including (Best Talent Award, the Most Photogenic Award, the Voters’ Choice Award and runner-up). The first 30 participants will be rewarded Kingston product worth US$50. The exotic online voting will starts from May 1 to June 8. Ask all your frens and relatives to give a click at the Vote-Me box. Hell yea! Voters might never know what they will be rewarded a 4GB Limited Edition Kingston USB Data-traveller FlashDrive.

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Ice Kacang Puppy Love Movie Review

I believe that lotsa ppl likes to enjoy Ice Kacang during the hot evening! But I wonder how many of you guys out there started your first love by the Ice Kacang~~~ Everyone's first love will always be the sweetest, coolest, tastiest and the best. Same to me too although mine never started by the Kacang thingy :p Well, this M'sia movie directed by Buffalo did not score a high rate. Anyhow, it stimzz me by bringing back all the first love memories! Azak azak... A movie which I rated [5.8/10]. For Fish fans, do not expect too much as she did only spoke one word during the whole show (expected more from Fishy). Nick's fans also, do not sad as he only show up in one scene. =.="

Synopsis: Botak (Ah Niu) stays in a kampung where there is not much happenings around. Until one day, an adventurous girl Fighting Fish (Lee Sinje) came and stay together under one roof with him. Botak fell in love with Fighting Fish for a quite a period of time edi, but did not have the courage to tell her how he feels. Until this Malindan (Cau Ge, king of bully) do also fall in love and express his feeling. All this kinda fall in love thing happens throughout the entire show. It's hard to describe who love who and who doesn't love who. Get yourself a seat to find out la...

Release Date: 15 April 2010
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Drama, Romance
Running Time: 1 hour 44 minutes
Director: Ah Niu
Cast: Ah Niu, Lee Sinje, Gary Chaw, Fish Leong, Victor Wong, Nicholas Teo

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Highway to Fashion 2010 Mid Valley

U guys must be wondering or halfway jealous-ing why the hell I'm so free and enjoyable during the Final Exam period! Here is d secret behind it. No doubt I'm preparing for my Finals. But, if you're able to plan your time properly, you can have some fun too. Being overstressed at home facing all the paperworks are a real headache. Why don't plan your time properly? Study time is study, playing time is enjoying... Stimzzz

And this weekend, I went to participate in the "Highway to Fashion Show" held in Mid Valley. Lotza shirt manufacturers such as Elle, Levi's, PDI, Padini, P & CO, Carlo Rino and etc etc took part in bringing their newest fashion to the road. I prepared for my Finals in the morning, ending up going late for the fashion show. But luckily, I still got a chance to take some photos of Carlo Rino's new handbags, shoes, and accessories.
Getting a place on the photographers stage, I quickly setup the camera setting and to my horror, the lighting in the stage was so strong. It creates a deep shadow on the face of those models once they get in front of the stage. This was really bad even though tens of flashes are flashing towards them. It doesn't help much. Anyhow, here are some pixars taken.... Wheee~~
Good luck guys in your Final Exam!

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Being Human Movie Review

S'pore director Jack Neo is back with a tremendous movie this April. No doubt, it will be a comedy as usual. What is so special about his production is, there are always some tips of being a human slitted in between the movie here and there. The previous production "钱不够用 1 & 2" and also "老师嫁老大" did gives us some hints on what's ought to do and what's not. And with his newest production, it brings a laughter followed by a lesson on how to treat each human around the world. A [7.5/10]. Great :p

Synopsis: Max is a very talented salesperson, he was sacked by his boss because they disagree with the method used in earning profits to the company. Because of having a revenging attitude, he decided to creates his own business and oppose his old company. By earning the first gold bucket in the shortest time, he selling imported slimming pills from Brazil. He uses dirty ways to get the approval for the dangerous pills. In the end giving himself a big headache as he endangers his clients and his own wife.

Release Date: 8 April 2010
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Nono

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Beauty On Duty Movie Review

Yay finally! I've been crazing for this movie for quite sometime. And here comes my free time to buy a tix and enjoy this comedy. Well it wasn't tat funny as I've expected. Anyhow, it is still a good movie to relax after a spending a few weeks in assignments and projects. Enjoy your weekend before the exam starts! Great:- A [7.5/10] :0

Synopsis: Ai Fang succeeded in passing the test and begun her duty as a policewoman with Donnie Yuen! During her first day of patrol, she and her partner did rescued a witness of a murder case. After that, they were assigned to join this police team leaded by Mary Iron to protect the witness daughter in participating in Miss Hong Kong.

Release Date: 1 April 2010
Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: Malay, English
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Sandra Ng, Charlene Choi, Jim Chim, Benz Hui, Louis Fan

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Clash Of The Titans Movie Review

Clash of the assignments, clash of the final exam... And here comes the "Clash Of The Titans". It's so great to return back to Pavi my fav place for a movie. Really set a world record for myself for not going to Pavi for around 2 months. This is unbelievable... I'm so busy with all those stuff and tired of it. =.=" A [6.5/10]

Synopsis: The King of Argos upset the King of Olympus by destroying their worship place and destroying the statue of the Greats. Son of Zeus "Perseus" was saved by the army of Argos and taught to fight the Gods. Perseus leads the army troop to kill and destroy all monster sent by Hades. He is the only survivor and finally kills the Kraken. Sienzzz caz almost the same with Percy Jackson!

Release Date: 1 April 2010
Language: English
Genre: Action, Adventure
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Director: Louis Leterrier
Cast: Sam Worthington, Pete Postlethwaite, Mads Mikkelsen, Gemma Arterton, Alexa Davalos

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F1 Sepang Grand Prix 2010

Early in the morning at grandstand.
Seting up camera on the tower to get accurate angle.
Me putting a fast lap on the Ferrari F10 Simulator! Purple sector 1 and sector 2
Alonso training for the physical demanding circuit (Img taken from
7 time World Champ arriving early Monday morning (Img taken from
Alonso preparing for practice (Img taken from
Ferrari 1st driver, 2nd driver and reserve driver (Img taken from

Formula 1 fever is back this season roaring to the 3rd round at Malaysia's Sepang International Circuit. Fans around the world flies their butt to this phenomenal atmosphere to watch this exiting WET - MONSOON race! Recall last year's Sepang GP which made a history for F1? It rained so heavily and blocked the drainage of the circuit and flooded parts of the track ~ Embarrassing Malaysia track designers. When the sky began to cry, cars skidded off the track, overshoot-ed the braking area, multi billion car crashing with each others, stuck in the gravel area, have problem with their tyre selection, spinning on the track and etc etc. Dramas are guaranteed for the Sepang GP! Paying a sum of money to watch such dramas is really worth it! Thumbs up!

Schumy putting a wheel spin around KLCC road.

Michael Schumacher at KLCC F1 Fiesta

Petronas Mercedes roadshow are held at KLCC with legendary Michael Schumacher is spinning the wheel on the road around KLCC. F1 Fiesta, photo session, autograph session is also held there.
McLaren Mercedes SLS Gullwing AMG

Well, this is my first time to give my first step on foot as a photographer into Sepang International Circuit. Was very exiting but not 100% satisfied. If, and only if, Kimi Raikkonen is there, it will be perfect. Those extreme machines nearly break my ear drum and kills my muscles. Stood there shooting for the entire session. Great experience! Whee~

Schumy getting ready to roll into d car.
Ferrari practicing pit stop.
Close up on Schumy
Ferrari F10 struggling for traction
Lewis Hamilton storms his way to P1
Jenson Button catching up the pace of his team-mate.
Malaysia proud of Lotus F1 Team

Free Practice: Practice session on Friday did not have major problems. Sky were bright and a few spots of rain spotted after the session. Not much dramas! Lewis Hamilton proudly storm the entire field leading two of the practice sessions. Saturday free practice 3 turns the driver positions upside down where the Red Bull's Mark Webber sprig off with a surprise. Ferraris' admits that they're struggling with the setup of the car.

Jenson Button riding back to pit garage after beached his car at gravel

Qualifying: Rain starts to fall and tracks began to form a layer of ice on top of it. Rain Master "Michael Schumacher" did not even perform well in such conditions. Drivers pull out their phone checking on twitter about the weather forecast. Dramas begun in the first session of Qualifying run where the big boys including Ferrari's (Felipe Massa & Fernando Alonso) McLaren (Lewis Hamilton) did not make it into Qualy 1. Reigning World Champ Jenson Button beached his McLaren onto the gravel track~ Qualy 2, M'sia Lotus team was able to get through and score a well earned P15. Qualy 3 came to a halt when the FIA announced that the condition is too dangerous for drivers to have a clean run. Sebastian Vettel slams the FIA saying that they are like swimming more than racing. Tyre plays an important role in this session whereby intermediate tyres are the suitable ones for such conditions. Congratz to those who start in the front row (M. Webber, N. Rosberg, S. Vettel) Boooo for those big guys who ought to score!

Race: Weather really do play an important role for tomorrow's race. F1 fans, put their hand together to pray for rain. Drivers finger crossed to hope for better weather forecast. edro Delarosa did not even manage to join the race start as his Sauber stalled during the installation lap. When the 5 lights illuminate, the Malaysia Sepang GP is GOO! Rubbens stalled the Williams in the grid and a very good start from Vettel putting the Red Bulls in P1 and P2. Followed by Rosberg and Kubica. The 4 big boys from the back is putting their head down and are driving like crazy. Michael and Fernando blew their cars. A very exiting race after all.

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