Olay Roadshow

One of the busiest month falls here when all the hot gals came into my eyes all of a sudden. Cute ones, the hot ones, the pretty ones, the cool ones, the long legs one and damn a lot more. Job is still a job! We take jobs professionally. It's fun working with all of them, misses the time so much~

Legend of The Fist :- Return of Chen Zhen

"Donnie" China's best martial art stunt man has again showed up in his latest creation... As expected, this movie is about martial art which cannot really keep up with his previous IP Man 1 and 2... Not much of actions... camera angle isn't wide enough... [6/10]

Synopsis: Chen Zhen return after the world war and wanted to unite the residents to gain back China from the Japs. Working as an undercover, he managed to defense all the bad happened in the city of Shanghai by covering himself with a mask...

Release Date: 23 September 2010
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action, Thriller
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Director: Andrew Lau
Cast: Donnie Yen, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong, Huang Bo

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Derriere Le Masque Party Night

Jason and I attended the "Derriere Le Masque Party Night" where the beauty of the ladies' lay behind the flashy mask. Ladies are on beautiful dresses and mens in their tuxedos... except both of us in jeans and a polo-T! Wut to do? Photographers...

Anyway, we did met a few lovely gal... Ehem ehem! Most important, I get to learn the setting of the flash in dark events like this. Thx Jason. Gettin the setting to achieve low noise with high shutter speed pics is a must! I burnt 8 pieces of batteries after this event - cool~

To be honest, I'm kinda satisfied with this sets of pics in a low end camera... Covering the whole event and finally achieve something I want is satisfying. Hope that I can get more of this stuff after I jump ship! :p
Congratz Neo! 2010 winner...

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Movie Review

Resident evil finally is back! With the latest technology of 3D, this is great! Gotta relax during this Raya period, I went for that show and to find out that the movie is so disappointing. Not only it is different with the previous chapters, it is so fake. The slow motion, matrix effect, and the undead just didn't match. Haiz... I would rate it [4/10]

Synopsis: In the world of virus infection, Alice travels around the globe searching for survivors when she receives the radio transmission from Arcadia (a ship). She fought back the Umbrella corporation by some help from the old friends (Chris and Charlie).

Release Date: 10 September 2010
Language: English
Genre: Action
Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Wentworth Miller, Ali Larter, Spencer Locke

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Piranha 3D Movie Review

They hunts in packs,
The first bite draws blood,
The blood draws the pack!

I started to fall in love in last minute ticket purchasing for a good movie... This is so much fun! "Piranha" everyone was queuing up for it, and yet I got a nice seat for a last minute splash n dash to the cinema! Yet again, another movie with the Siau Guy "Jason" & my sis! A very good movie~ Respect to the dead [9.5/10]

Synopsis: The incident happened in Lake Victoria where the quake splits the floor of the lake setting free the deadly hunters "Piranhas". Where there are over 20 thousands of kids enjoying in the party that particular day!

Release Date: 2 September 2010
Language: English
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Running Time: 1 hour 19 minutes
Director: Alexandre Aja
Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O'Connell, Jessica Szohr

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Step Up 3 [3D] Movie Review

New York City, the music and dancing streets rocks the city throughout the whole nite! Let the beat rock... Pop and shake through your soul! A movie which I skipped the episode 1 and 2. Anyhow, Step Up 3 diden really open up my appetite just until the end of the show where the pirates battle with the Samurai! A rating of [7.5/10]

Synopsis: Luke and his team named the Pirates battle against the Samurai team where the leader is once a Pirate member. He was kicked out of the team and now he is back for revenge. Little boy Moose who juz enrolled in the college adapts this kinda lifestyle quickly and challenges the Samurai's member the first day in school. He beat them in a creative way!

Release Date: 26 August 2010
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Dance
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes
Director: John Chu
Cast: Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner, Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

The Expandables Movie Review

Gathering all great warriors in this movie, this shall not be missed out! Stallone (Rambo), Jason Statham (Racer), Jet Li (Fighter), Bruce Willis, Schwarzenegger, Stone Cold and etc... They just created something extraordinary. With the concept of "Call of Duty 4", they work together and made a great movie. Superb job Macho Rambo! Doh... I missed Stallone's sexy voice [9.5/10]

Synopsis: A gang of well trained assassins (Well trained weapons specialist) were hired to get a mission accomplished which is to assassinate the Vilena's General named Garza. Being paid by the CIA member, they took this job where no one else would take. Watch how they plan every tactic and they played their parts professionally...

Release Date: 13 August 2010
Language: English
Genre: Action, Adventure
Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin, Sylvester Stallone

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Putrajaya Night Shotz

Doing nothing starring at the ceiling last Saturday, Jason came up with a plan "Night Shotz" at Putrajaya town. Packed up all my gears and cabutzzzz... Before setting off, we drive through Mc D and grabbed our foods! Yay, I like supper...

Upon reaching the destination, we chose the best location to setup d tripod and mount the camera on it. Using wide angle lenses and long shutter speed... this is some of my creations that night...

Well, this is not the end of the night shotz yet... as something cool are already in our minds... check out for the next episodes of night shotz! It has something to do with starzzz.. XD

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~

Van Laack Fashion Show

Van Laack! Wut brand is this? Never heard of it though... anyway, happened in Pavilion KL, this classic fashion show is nothing special than that of the others! Or may be because of my high expectation after watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show??

Gotta admit that this is so so only as there are no stages for photographers... We sat on the staircase heading down to the lower ground floor while taking all these pictures! Lucky that I sat beside an "awek" who was holding a 550D staring at me asking for setups for her camera! LOL

~ a.k.a ICEMAN ~