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Merry X-Mas




The year 2009 promises everybody that it will end with a grandeurs Christmas which comes along with the theme of "The lyrical Christmas". Streets and Malls are flocked by peoples, cameras are flashing here n there, Christmas trees are everywhere, deers and santa hanging on d ceiling. This would definitely promises to be a pretty site and a great cynosure to all eyes.

Christmas is my favorite holiday among the year. Spending the time wisely is best! How will u spend your Christmas? For me, shopping and freezing most of the nice moment will be nice. Here will be a few moment which I had freeze. Enjoy...

Botanic Garden.

Whack it!

Put up ur hands for the great lightning!

The beauty of B/W.

~ A.K.A : ICEMAN wishing everybody warm and gracious  X-Mas ~

~ H@ppY HA110W3eN! ~

It's October 31st again! Halloween has arrived to this town with the theme of "Black & Orange"! Restaurant, shops, malls, are all decorated in different styles to please with this atmosphere! So, what costumes will you choose for this year's Halloween? Vampire, mummies, pumpkin's head, undertaker or etc? Do think for a special one because this day only happens once a year!

The Joker's smile!

Lightning at Ikano

Scarlet Pub!

I celebrated this special day by joining all my friends at Ikano (The curve)! The atmosphere there is freaking me out! Shops & restaurants are decorated in a spooky way! Watching all those people walking around with their own costumes and make-ups! I keep on asking myself. "Am I in the hell?" Well, hell is not that bad overall! Haha! I was quite amazed with the atmosphere and enjoying myself over there!

Tony Roma's full of blood!

Get spooky Boys & Gals!

Even our greatest King of Pop "MJ"is out here tonight with us to perform his best Thriller song limited edition! Great man, even-though he left this world, but his spirit still here with us! Haha!

See carefully on the bottom of his leg! Tat was his coffin


Australia Perth ~ Finale = King's Park ~

Judging by the name "King's Park", you can somehow guess how the park will looks like! Yeap, absolutely correct, it is very beautiful park which is located on a hill! This well known park is a perfect place over-seeing the entire city of Perth! Beside having fresh air, the park is soothed with different kind of scenery and it is best for picnic, relax, dating, and so on. There are specially built areas for photographers to take and aim the best shot over the city's skyline. And I did manage to take a few shot! 

Night view of Perth's Skyline

The wind is so strong until it blow my camera away!

Noon Perth's Skyline

It's not just a normal park that u can find easily around ur housing area. This park is surrounded by the great beauty of nature! Greeneries are everywhere and there are more than hundreds different type of flowers too! Fascinating! Besides that, there is a pool in the middle of the park! What stunt me the most is that I saw someone taking wedding pictures here! You can imagine how beautiful this place really is!

This is the pool!

Heading to parking lot!

This fire won't die out even though strong wind blows.

Just wana take the sparkles on the surface of river!

A small water fall...

Apart from all this sceneries, this is a very special park with all kind of strange flowers in it. They do look abnormal but each of them are very cute and rarely find elsewhere! Trust me, their combination of colours are amazing!  And there is a small cute trunk which is believed to be brought over from other country and planted here for deco! The tree was planted around the round-about near the parking lot! 

Park surrounded by wild flowers.

I don't really know wut is d name of this flower!

This trunk is brought from somewhere around d country and planted here!

Flower which looks like a sad human face.

Besides that, there is a bridge glass up on the hill crossing on the other side of the hill overlooking the Perth's city too! This bridge is open on a certain period of time only! So, pls make it fast if u do not want to miss the chance to cross the bridge! 

I'm glad that this glass bridge can support my weight!


Australia Perth ~ Chap 6 = Shopping Parade ~

Shoppers! Are you ready? Take out your credit cards and flash it around as this is the best chance for you to spend your money on Perth's greatest shopping malls. Please do not waste time on other not important occasion as all the shops are closed around 6 PM. So, appreciate all the time you have and carry back items you favor the most. Getting to the city is easy as it is connected by trains and also bus services.

London Court is famous among its open-air shopping Hay & Murray Street. Most of the world's famous brand are found on this two streets. Do not worry about your meals as there are lots of restaurants ranging from fast foods, and multi cultural restaurant located on this two streets. What you need to worry is how to spend wisely. Souvenirs can be found easily as there are lots of shops selling such thing. Surveys on prices are advised!

Besides that, you can even travel around the city for free. Thankz to the Cat service provided by the government. These cat (Bus) are rounding the city area continuosly. Therefore, going from one shopping stage to another is very convenient.

Walking towards Bell Tower

Once we reached the city, we can also travel to the Bell tower which is just a 15 minutes walk from the two shopping streets. This tower design is so special that you must stand there and grab a picture of it.

Bell tower

Harbors Town, one of the best place to get cheap but branded goods. All goods are sold in prices that are far more cheaper than those in Malaysia. Styles and design are also different to those we found here. Therefore, Harbor Town is a guaranteed shopping paradise.


Carousel and Belmont Mall are almost similar. As most of the shops inside are the same. This two mall are not much different than that of Malaysia's. They are not located at city! Therefore, getting to this two malls are either by public bus or own transportation.


Australia Perth ~ Chap 5 = Marapana ~

There's no point going to Australia without seeing a true kangaroos or koalas with your true eye. Yeap! Marapana Wildlfe Park is the most appropriate destination for outsiders to enjoy a "Face to face" feel with these animals. For just AUSD 16, you can bring along a bucket of animal's food to tour inside this park. For those who do not know anything about this animals. Here are some true facts about them. Info provided below is more detailed than those of Animal Planet. Kaka!

Warnings: Animals inside there are not locked, they wonder around (This is the amazing moment)!

Introducing our first pet "The Koalas". Koalas sleeps all the time during the year. This is because that this herbivore animal only consumes eucalypt leaves. Therefore, digesting this kinda leaves will produce indigestible substances which makes them sleeps more than 18 hours per day. Fantastic sleeping beauty! Hugging one of them for a photo shoot costs AUSD 20.

Warning: Do not touch their hairy ear! They bite!

Are they Australian's rat? Well, they are grouped among the rat families. But they look far more better than those u found in Malaysia. At least they aren't stink! Hopping along the greenery, this animal can achieve the acceleration of 44 mile per hour! Wow strong legs! I wonder if they drink Red Bull? There you see in the 2nd pic, the mummy is carrying her baby!

Warnings: Do not pet them so hard or you'll get side kick (Their master is Bruce Lee)

Here comes the climate! This animal is born with an amazing (Goofy teeth) with some cute hair! They are the Llama! Classified as one of the camel's family, they are ranged in different contrast of colours. Some of them looks very nice when they stand together! They feeds on everything! For so, they do have lots of vitamins and nutrients. This allow them to chase you out of hell.

Warnings: Do not attempt to feed too much! The whole gang will follow as u do!

Do not try to break in to the ticket counter without paying. This place is 24-hour van-guarded by this beast! Can anyone try to feed it, I would love to see what happened next! If u still intend to fight with him, den brave urself up and 1 on 1 with it.

Don't judge the a book by looking at it's cover! There is more animals inside this park! You can even find different species of birds inside here ranging from goats, peacock, parrots, roosters, black swan and many more.

Besides enjoying those animals, the scenery there is fascinating too! U can enjoy those animal's shits as well. By d way, those dried shits looks beautiful =.= ! Cut d crap, u can really find great scenery there!


Australia Perth ~ Chap 4 = The Golden Beach ~

Cottesloe Beach

Pack your swimming suits, sun shade lotion and also your Billabong surfer board as you'll stand a chance to enjoy the famous beach known as the "The Cottesloe Beach" which is located at the western suburb of Perth. Bring over the holiday mood to this place, I'm very sure that you will never get disappointed.

For those who do not really know how to swim, surf, nor snorkel, do not get sick or faze as the beach provide you a breathtaking view and fresh water sea. Lying on the gold sandy beach, you can enjoy the atmosphere with a cup of Heavenly Laschene! Trust me, this moment is just like in heaven which is so comfortable and peaceful. Besides that, there are a few Coffee Shop and also Ice-cream (Gelato) shop nearby the beach's parking lot.

Red Monshane Garuldo

And for those who loves beaches a lot, this is the best place for you to face and challenge the strong chappy wave. Get ready your swimming goggle and surf board to storm out to the deep blue sea. This is just the best place for everyone to enjoy and relax. Please surf the board like a pro so that I could get a good shot!

Teen ready to face the wave.