Chap 3 = ~ City of Entertainment ~

Did you bring enough cash and fortunes? Make sure you do cause I'll lead you all to the one and only 5-star Intercontinental Burswood Hotel Casino located at the Swan River of Perth! This building creates a great atmosphere for tourists attracting them with the extraordinary stair-case design and also a Grand Casino Royal inside it. Apart from that, the COLOURFUL canvas hanging on the ceiling inside the building which express some great creativity of arts!

Creativity of arts!

Bring back some big cash as adults above the year of 18 can try out their fortune or luck in the Casino provided on the base ground of the hotel. Having most of the modern machines for gambling purpose, this hotel deserves to hold the name "City of Entertainment".

Wish you luck for the Black Jack!

"Hit me baby one more time!" Yes it is, Britney Spears the rock star is coming this spring to hold her concert "The Circus Starring". Hold your hands up and rock together with her during this November 2009.


Australia Perth ~ Chap 2 = Foods in Perth ~

Let your saliva drop because me, (The SIN +) will tour you all along the delicious foods that are found there. For all seafood lovers, Perth is just a heaven for you. It is located near the seaside. Fresh and nice sea foods are caught and served everyday. I'll first bring you all to enjoy the Chinese foods first moving on to the Western, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Italian.

Introducing my favorite food over there "The Snowcrab and fried mantau". This is the best of all. Hehe! Snowcrab served by sweet and sour gravy which comes along with the fried mantau is a must try food over there. This delicious dish is sold in a Hong Kong restaurant given the name of "Joy Garden" is located along Chinatown Street.

Snowcrab & Fried Mantau

Move on! For all Uncles and Aunties who do not prefer Western breakfast, do not worry. There are amazing Dim Sums over here. Dragon Palace Restaurant serves you the best Dim Sum in town.

Dragon Palace Restaurant at ChinaTown.

Next stop. Is the famous Hot Dogs served in many flavors! Only selling for AUSD 2. This Conney Dog is among the popular foods for youngsters. U can easily find it at the Murray Street and Hay Street which is sold in a stall. What's your flavor?

Conney Dogs!

Miaow! Here comes the Western Delights! Cicerello's Landing (Fremantle) is located besides the sea is famous for its Fish and Chips, Chili Mussels and all kind of sea foods. You could feel the freshness of the sea foods there by smelling the sea water outside the restaurant. Becareful! Do not feed the seagulls or they will S.O.Y!

From the lefy Chili Mussels, Fish & Chips and Seafood Spaghetti.

The famous Italian restaurant aka Sienna's serves you the best Italianese in town. Comes with White Sauce Pasta, Beef Lasagna, Chicken & Pineapple Pizza, Ceasar Salad, Fried Squids and Mixed Grill!

The other foods look even great!

Korean Delight in Arirang! This restaurant is pure Korean style. Serving you with the best Kimchi in town. The best dishes there was the Bibimbap! The stove is on for the foods! Yea Babe!

Bibimbap >> Mix it around! <<

Having tasted different types of meals! Let's move on to the beverages that they have! Perth is famous for their vineyards. So, do I still have to emphasize on what drink they have? VODKA?

Having tasted all the delicious meals, we cannot leave out our best sweet and refreshing desserts in Perth. We do have different types of desserts ranging from ice-creams, apple struddle, chocolates, strawberries and many more.

Apple Struddle (AUSD 17)

Strawberries are big & juicy

Chocolate Overloaded on waffle (Gelare)

*Next chapter will be on soon!


Australia Perth ~ Chap 1 = Flight to Australia ~

Perth a city located in Western Australia is a nice and peaceful place to visit and stay. Packed with great excitements and nice scenery, this city is very suitable for me. Hehe! Besides that, the weather there is just nice with minimum of 3 Degree Celcious and maximum of 17 Degree Celcious during Spring. Someone lied me and tell me to bring only light jacket. I wan kill d person edy. I almost die of coldness there!

Well, we went KL Central to have our lunch and then move on to KLIA (LCCT) airport by shuttle bus provided by Air Asia. By my clever strategy, our plan is centimeters towards perfection. We reached the airport around 8.30PM. We went shopping around the airport and ate some burgers just before we board the plane. We managed to check-in on 9.10PM sharp. After that, we went in to the departure hall waiting to board the plane. The most difficult part is the Custom part. We afraid that they do not allow us to bring our luggage up to the plane because of the size and weight. But we are very lucky, Malaysia's Custom is very easy to pass. Comparing our Custom and Australia's Custom, they open each luggage and check each thing with a "Hush Puppy" dog.

After Custom check.

On board Air Asia Shuttle.

Reached LCCT airport.

Going inside International Departure hall.

We boarded the plane on 12PM sharp. For your information, Air Asia - X is not as good as you imagined. Thy do not provide on board screen, and everything looks old. The flight to Perth takes around 5.30 hour.

On board Air Asia X Airbus A330-300 series.

Reached Perth International Airport.

Outside Airport enjoying the cool air (Approx 12 degree)

* Next destination/excitement will be uploaded soon.


Kam Lun Tai by FOREVER

I bought a set of KLT moon cakes from Wong CC (Or shall I call you Wong CY?) last week. This set of moon cakes is so special because you will not find it sold outside at retail store. It is only found at FOREVER who is the sole distributor of it. It came along with four different stainless steel painted case engraved with a Phoenix (Not Tan Hui Fung ok!) on both the cover and the side of the case. Well, I haven't try them out. So, no comment from me yet. But just the stunning looks of it makes my saliva drops. Well, I think there will be more post on moon cakes further on. Because I'm now hunting for special limited Ice Skinned Moon Cakes around Malaysia. Hehe...

Wong CC { This post is specially made for Wong CC }
(Don't forget my commissions ya!)

The Baker's Cottage mooncake tastes great!

Thumbs up for the Baker's Cottage once again for this year. This company produces great amazing moon cakes every year. And it springs a surprise for us this year by introducing the new fresh green tea taste. That is amazing.

It brings along a great aroma of green tea when u unpack it from the good looking box. This is unbelievable. It was like a drug. Once u have the first piece, you will want a second one immediately. Boys n gals, try it out... they do have other taste of moon cakes which is fascinating too. Good job Baker's Cottage!

To be continued.....


~New Shoes~

Today went to Pavilion, Sg Wang and also Time Square to hunt for a new shoes. My old one hurts my toes alot. It keep biting bit and pieces off my toes until it became so irritating. Haha.

I had been searching for this 3 malls for a suitable shoes for myself. None of them seems nice for me. At last, I found one design which suits my personality and style. This is great babe! 1st day of opening ceremony of d shoe is on 23rd of Sept. Haha! Let's get a glimpse of d shoe's design k...


Orientation and Photoshooting Outside

Today a nice Saturday morning, me and my supervisor Kar Hau went to UCSI orientation to become as a "photographer" organized by ESA. Due to some problems, we went there late and the orientation has ended. LOL! Soli Tiffany d cat! But anyway, we did took some pic of it before everyone goes back.

Then, we went to 3U to enjoy our beef noodle lunch and went straight to Leisure Mall for a movie named "Final Destina tion 4". It wasn't really an exciting movie. Because I watched FD 1,2,3 edy. It was more or less the same as the previous chapters. For me, 2/5 is all I could gv.

Besides that, I took some art picture of an "ORANGE" doll hanging on Tiff's car. Haha. I wonder why there is so many ppl interested in DSLR nowadays??? Tiff is intersted and planning to buy one edy. Then, Kar Hau called me when I reached home. Asking me to find a model for him oso.... Issit they impressed by me? Haha!

Cut d crap. Show u all d ORANGE

My leng zai supervisor Kar Hau! He requested me to enlarge his pic so that everyone can enjoy...

An oversea student requested to take photo with me... I wonder why so many ppl wana take photo with me ar? I'm superstar meh? Lol. Yes I am.


Starting my first blog with an Alpha DSLR

Well, 1st of all, I would like to start say thousand thanks to my Si Fu (Yatz)! This is because this model of DSLR can is extinct in Malaysia. But this pro found it in shop at Pudu Plaza. Price=Reasonable, Quality =Towards perfection, Design = Cool....

I do not know how to use this camera at all. I'm a noobie! And once again thanks to my Si Fu who is a pro teacher who teaches me how to use all the setting and how to get the correct white balance, angle, ISO and many more. Hehe. Wasting your precious time on a noobie.

This is a picture of the body and my camera's house. Quality of the picture are a bit cacated due to the lousy camera on my phone.